Friday, March 19, 2010

(picture taken by me)

is it true that i'm actually admire you?
that i couldn't get my eyes off you?
that i couldn't get you off my mind?
that you always appear in my dreams?
that you brighten up my life every time i see you?
that i actually make my self belief that there isn't any chance for me to be close to you?
so i didn't expect too much?


  1. wow, nice pic,.^^ I (amateur) play with standard canon. nice to c u,.^^

  2. haha yea me too, i use canon :D but i changed the lenses though hahahaha

  3. wey keren yaaa haha pake canon ya? terus gimana sih caranya? hehehe

  4. gampang ko, tinggal di change aja speednya pake bulb :D