Thursday, July 8, 2010


hows ur holiday goin?
hope its goin good ;)

well, this holiday i go indo! YEAYHS! at last i meet my familyyy :D so happy!
and i meet my friends too! omggg i went to so MUCH places in one week haha
and i also went to anyer :D AND THIS PLACE IS SO MUCH FUN
but but but
i HATE the cottage though
i seriously hate it
its dirty
and its scary
i wish i slept at another cottage though :(
anywaysss, other things goin good though! we have a bbq and THE FOODS ARE FREAKIN DELICIOUS THAT YOU CANT IMAGINE IT! lolol exaggerating much? :P
anddd i go to the beach EVERY MORNING and i waste most of my time there swimming in the sea :) and oh i tried banana boat! this thing, hmmm what should i say. this thing is a boat with a shape of a banana lol
well yea, thats it for this post i reckon
c ya in the next post! byeeeee~

fancy mancy

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