Monday, December 6, 2010

hellooooooo :)
guess what happened on 1st of December
haha i know its obvious alreadyyyy
its my birthday! XD
im officially 16
IM OLD!!!!!
im older
ill have wrinkles
ill have white hair soon

errr okay this is FAR too dramatic ...
sooooo, this is my first birthday in atc :)
and i got a belated birthday surprise from them!
im so lucky that im surrounded by such good friends like you :)

and i got the SWEETEST surprise from my mom
she tried to find me an eiffel bag but its all sold out ;(
but she gave me something else
and i love it sooooo damn much!

and there's one thing that i found out accidentially
i know people who truly remember my birthday
and i count it up
its about 25 peeps
guess where do i found it out from?
so here's the story
i make my birth date in fb as private
and there will be no notification that it is my birthday at that day
only some who turns up to congratulate me :)
but anyways
i love you guys
no matter you remember it or not, but thankyou SO MUCH! :D

and here are some picts of the presents (p.s. there is another pict i have to include but havent upload it to my laptop yet)

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