Saturday, March 5, 2011


hey people :)
so its been a very long time since my last post
and obviously there are so many things to tell you!

So yea, I moved back to Indonesia andddddd I have a new school! and this school is a perfect definition of excitement and unfortunately, hardwork. But, it doesnt matter tho coz it will all pay off later in the future :D

oh you have to know that i have to study french which is so damn hard -_- japanese is wayyy much easier!

well there are some other updates i wanna tell yous:
- just recently lost the spelling bee contest, but gonna do better insyaallah
- having troubles with pkn
- currently having a one week holiday!
- my cat is pregnant with mr. K
- just went to jogjakarta for a school fieldtrip and lost my voice (till now -_-)
- in desperate need of having a photoshoot (need some models!)
- currently introspecting myself, and trying to become a better person from day to day
- recently changed my blog name to fancy mancy again! woot woot this name sounds better haha true true?

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  1. seriously?! french is easier than japanese! emang kmu prnah blajar japanese ca?