Saturday, May 14, 2011

haha feeling a bit productive tonite, so imma post LOTS of post peeps! :D
well, if you talk about the future,
do u have any plans for it?
bet yous do.
And if you do, you're lucky.
Life without a goal, its just useless.
It just means you dont have any reason to live.
And in that case, im one of the persons who have no goal in their life.
Everytime i set up a goal for myself, it just slowly disappears, a simple puff, and its gone.
I need somebody to help me to keep on trying to reach my goal.
I need somebody to figure out what do I really want to do.
errr, reckon this is more like a stressful post =.= oh whatever, I'm supposed to try to be more cheerful these days. Bored of feeling gloomy all the time.

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