Thursday, June 16, 2011

Its thursday, and tommorow is friday so ill sing rebecca black's friday song. lol. hell no.

I feel like i shud tell yous what happened in the past few days. So, yeah, exams are over but, im still not awake from the bad dreams. Remedials. And there it goes: PKN, PENJASKES, and SEJARAH. dang it. But anyways, lets see it from a positive side. If i dont get these remedials, i wont study on the holidays :P

errr im no good at telling people stories, but im feeling so happy that i am surrounded by such wonderful friends, especially by my own classmat es OCEAN -IPS SMANTI :D mannnn, theyre like the BEST! and a family of my own :)

*due to the internet speed I have to inform you that i cant upload any picture ffuuu*

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