Sunday, September 4, 2011

my cat gets cooler day by day

hey peeps
its 11:21, and i am supposed to be studying, but nah, cbs.
ill study like in 15 minutes, so i cud share you some stuff!
i have my tea to accompany me, but its cold already boohoooooo

so, umm its been a hard week for me...
emotions mixed up
blaaaaah it makes me feel like throwing up remembering it again
and today i feel like my brain and body doesnt coordinate properly :|
it feels seriously weird, i kept pushing things to hard, falling off something
hell, this must be coz of the thoughts that keep going through my mind
but anyways, i think ill it flow
as Einstein said "life is like a bicycle, you have to keep moving on to make it balance"
well, reckon thats all i have to said :)
oh and not forget to mention that i keep on falling in love with you.... art!

p.s. i really need to do my homeworks coz school starts in 2 days! aaargh

enjoy your day

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