Saturday, October 29, 2011

just finished watching the art of getting by.
shez, you gotta know how my face looked like when i finally find that movie at ADA today
i was literally smiling all the way home, and reckon everybody was like thinking 'wth is this girl doing?' -_- oh well, stuff it, like i care haha
and yea, a lil bit disappointed coz the quality of the picture is freakin bad! but the rest is ok..
although the plot is simple, its still romantic in its way, and its just more realistic

oh and anyways, today is the last day of pks (an art festival at school) which means the end of my freedom
yup, gotta be more serious in my studies, so i might not have enough time to update the blog *sobs*
fyi, i cant be more proud to say that my class won the 1st place for modern dance and the 2nd place for traditional dance! yeaaaaaaaahs

just remembered that i got to finish my cerpen, dammit, dont have any ideas what to write aaaaaaaaaarrrrgghhh someone please help!!!!!!

words cant explain how much i love yous :)

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