Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#np: bimbang - melly goeslaw

hey, so its almost the end of november, and a lot of things happened
being told off by a teacher, losing a competition, heartbreaks, and the worse is i lost my iPod aaarrrggghh
hahaha yes, it sounds terrible
but the more problems you get the stronger you are rite? :)
so guess I have to become more mature in facing life!
oh and anyways, watched ada apa dengan cinta last weekend, addicted with the soundtrack hahaha i mean seriously, aadc is the greatest movie evaaa! its simplicity, and its actor :3 hahaha nicholas saputra! gaaaawddd he's totally swoon!
not forget to thank God that i have such AMAZING FRIENDS
you guys are the best!

going on to my wishlist:
- kaledioskop maker
- lomo
- artsy stuff
- new books
- ipod classic

nb. i do hide my feelings pretty well infront of you eh? :)
its better for us to be friends i reckon, although somethimes i wanted to be more than that
so may you have a happy life!

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