Thursday, June 21, 2012

hey peeps!
well as i said in my previous post, ill change the look og my blog.. but unfortunately its still on process and i just cant hold back not to post anything during that 'transformation' thingy! lol maybe the word 'transformation' is too much to describe it

so yeah, there are loads of stuff to tell yous! and ill just make a list of it (coz ill make a more specific post about it hehe)
and here goes the list!!
- went on a religous trip with family a.k.a umroh
- high school officially ends! but the 'high school soul' will always last :)
- gone through SNMPTN and is nervously waiting for the results
- graduation boohooooo so sad but its nice tho seeing all my friends wearing kebaya and tux

oh and btw, a good friend of mine ask me to make a post about him hahahaha but i cbs :p later kay?
speaking about university... sheez man i aint got any yet! gosh, i can only pray for the best.

reckon thats all for this post! see yous in the next post!!!!!


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