Thursday, July 19, 2012

I've got a friend.
a good friend.
lets just call him y

well, this friend of mine.. is indescribable
and unpredictable

he could be annoying sometimes, errr most of the time actually :p
but in the other side, he could be so comforting, giving me loads of advice
i like to talk to him
like we can talk for hours and hours and hours till my mom got mad at me haha
he's the one who keep me in company (by phone :p) while my parents are out
and although he can't visit me when I'm hospitalized last month, he still keep in me in company, by phone (again)
also, he reached me lots of stuff!
from mathematics till life lessons

we've been through a lot of fights
then he's like 'not going to talk to you for a couple of days' although I've said sorry -_-
anyways, let the past be the past
oh and the best part is when we went to this event and just sat in the grass eating takoyaki and talked about stuff hahahaha fun fun fun!
he always call me fat -_- i got annoyed, but i am fat anyways, a little :p

we've been close like for about 4 months i suppose?
but yeah, never think that one day ill actually be friends with this person hahaha
what can i say? things that we never expect to happen, do happen.

though now we're separated 3 hours away
and you'll soon be busy with your collage stuff, new friends, and etc
just try to stay keep in touch kay?
i don't want to lose my best friend :)

y, thank you for everything
and wish you all the best for your future :) :) :)

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