Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hey. finished reading One Day like a few minutes ago.
and somehow everytime i finished reading a book (mostly novels of course) it makes me think
what have i done in life?
do i really got what i need? or am i just keep on having what i want? sheez that sounds like coldplay does it?
i mean, have i achieved something in life?
achieving - happiness

am i happy?
i do.
most of the times.

but there are times when i actually feel miserable
because of college
because of my unability or you might say lack of commitment to finish something
ive pushed my self so hard to do my projects but i ended up stopping in the middle of the lane
why am i so lazy?
grh man 
but i think i need to pushed my self a lil bit harder, thats all.

and going on to the next stuff
my love life
fudge, i feel weird talking about this in my personal blog
its just... i dont know
way too complicated
no point of talking about it anyways
i guess ill let it flow and see where it actually leads me to
and to you, who sort of colored my days recently

and to my mom and dad,
im sorry for all this time
im sorry.
i love you both always

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