Saturday, November 17, 2012

sometimes its good to see the past
just to know how far you've go
and now
im reminiscing about how far we've been through

i dont know when did it all started
but there is this clear memory on what happend on friday, 20 april 2012
a simple breakfast
yet a pleasant one

then it all continued
you went 184 km, 2 hours 29 mins away from my place to accomplish your goal
lots of things happened
but anyways, you get what you want
and im very very very proud of you

theres been ups and downs in our friendship
but every time theres a problem, everytime i try to stay away from you
it drags me closer to you
sort of like a magnet yea? haha
simply weird.
but somehow
i like it.

well, at last we are now together
at last :)
words cant describe how happy i am now
cant wait to meet you again!
and 154 km, 2 hours 9 mins distance wont be a problem
olive juice, R 

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