Sunday, May 19, 2013

going through old pictures brings back old memories right?
and just a few sec ago i saw picts of melbourne..
sheez man
i mean.. melbourne is such a lovely place although its not as homey as bogor or bandung
i remember the amazingly cold wind during winter, that lovely breeze during spring.. and that ridiculously hot summer!
but the that part of melbourne i love most is the city

you can walk for hours and hours and hours without even getting bored!
the cafes.. hidden shops.. and the joy of wearing coat! (which obviously you cant wear here coz people will stare at you as if you're crazy)
the puffy clouds that you cant find in Indonesia..
oh and not forget to mention those sunday markets! gosh there are LOADS of treasure there you know
and i still remember that one guy.. he plays the guitar so beautifully which makes me regret not to buy his cd at that time!
OMG and now the memory of lavender garden comes up! have you every try drinking lavender tea in the middle of lavender garden? :)
please someone take me back to melbourne.. please please please

readers, remind me to finish my previous post hehe

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