Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello people,

Just get home from school and I’m soooo tired!

Gotta walk from schhol to home and its like so far far far far far far AWAY!

Sooo… I wanna tell you a couple of things that happen today

I have my English sac planning, and what happen is, I CAN’T THINK OF ANY SINGLE THING! Gosh. My brain was all filled up with numbers coz the other day I was studying for math till my brain feels like it will blow up just in a few seconds

But, I struggle to survive in the sac planning LOL I’m soooo exaggerating :P

Then, the next disaster happen


I don’t know what to say now

So yea

Reckon I will get like really bad marks

And its all my fault

I’m so careless

The test is easy, well not quite easy, but yea

Buttttt, people do learn from their mistakes rite?

and, starting now on, I’ve GOT TO LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES and try not to make it happen again ;)

I know that I need to study more, do more reviews and so on

And now, I’m not only telling it to you, but I’m gonna prove it to you that I will stick on what I have said before

Well reckon that’s all I have to say today, and now I have to do my prayers and gotta learn for a couple of tests! (wish me luck people hehe)

Wish you all have a good day!

Remember people, nothing is impossible in this world!

Ps: do anyone know how to concentrate on a test? Coz usually what appears in my brain while I’m doing my test is songs! D:

Please do gimme some solutions reader, coz it would really help

Answer my questions through do comments okaaay? Hehe thankyouuuu

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