Tuesday, September 28, 2010

and yeah a continued post to the last post to the new post bahaha

soooooo after all those surprises, and all those panicking and screaming coz we thought we're late to the airport, things goes well enough..
we arrived at goldcoast safely and the hotel is THE BEST EVEEEER!
omgggggg i just love the pillows and the bed. love it love it love it!
seriusly, the bed is just so comfortable that i want to sleep all day longgggg
and obviously, coz we arrived at the hotel like at midnite or somfin, im sooo tired that i cudnt be bothered to do anything else except sleeping while wathcing tv (theres an excepetion for trying to figure out how to use the camera :P)
so here's some picts!

.... continued to the next post (again :P)

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