Tuesday, September 21, 2010

first day starts with the arrival of my beloved father :D :D :D
its been a long time since my departure from indo till i can meet him again here, and my mother seemed to be so happy too though :) im happy for both of youuuu

this is a pict of my father and sorry if its a bit crappy though

and yea i finally got a camera bag! wooooooooot :D so freakin happy man!
and its not a usual camera bag, its a national geographic camera bag!! awesomenesssssss. (you can google it if you want to see the pict of the bag)
then i got a surprise present from my father
and guess what the present is?

and obviously i was like OMG! aaaaaaaaaaaah i scream all around the house and got all over hypo :D
then my mom came and she kinda get angry coz i was infront of my laptop again while i shouldn't (sorry mom)
and yea, we get to the airport and flew to GOLD COAST!
gold coast kindof looks like bali, and the atmosphere of the place itself makes me feel like im at bali
but bali is better though, coz its more ALIVE
at last we arrived at the hotel and the room- especially the bed- IS FREAKIN COMFORTABLE! gyaaaaaaaah theres so much pillows! omg i just love it ♥

next day
..continued to next post

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  1. selamat untuk hadiahnya dan ketemu sama papa mama^^
    met hari raya mohon maaf lahir batin :))