Saturday, December 10, 2011

ah yes, the start of 2011..
this year is seriously hard for me!
my auntie got sick, but eventually she recovers tho :) glad to know it!
anddd, im in searching of a new school too!
dont you know how stressed i am knowing that other schools in indonesia will start soon meanwhile i dont have any school yet?
i literally went crazy about this!
but alhamdulilah, thank God :3 i got into SMAN 3 Bogor, which i never regret!

*going through iPhoto*
and found this!
so apparently i cooked the so called frenchtoast - with - strawberry sauce
though i kindof wrecked the food up by making it WAY TOO MUCH
it tasted good ;)

hmmm then what else happened in this month *thinking*
shet i forgot haha so see you in the next post ;)

p.s. do i winked to much in this post?

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