Saturday, December 10, 2011

exactly in this month, i got accepted at SMAN 3 BOGOR
gosh, at last after all the horrible thinking that i wont get a school, i got accepted! alhamdulilah :) although i gotta go back to year 11 coz im half year earlier (australia's curriculum finished in december)
so i get into the social class! which is the BEST class ever!!!
seriously, i got such amazing friends
hahaha theres a funny moment when i first came in to the class
they are totally pranking me! (or are they taking benefits of me being a new student? :P) haha i dont know, but they keep on telling me to go forward to introduce myself so they wont study for awhile! grrr
but its fun tho
and a few days after that, we went for a study tour! to jogja!
man how i do missed those days :( it is so so so so so so fun!!!!!

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