Monday, January 21, 2013

now watching julie and julia for the millionth times (exaggerating much? :p)
but its true tho, that this movie never bores me! and i should congratulate this movie to make it to my favorite movie list!
the cooking, the love story, the french music... its just simply is wonderful
like a mixture of flour, eggs, chocolate, and sugar
besides, the main character in this movie - julie
she got this problem of GETTING THINGS DONE
and so do i
the same problem again and again and again
ive been trying to analyze what is the cause of it to the roots!
gosh and somehow i manage to figure it out

urgh suddenly i dont want to continue this post
just found out that my external hard disk broke down and all of my photos are there
all of my memories
feeling like crying :(
someone please help me :'(

nah wait
im overreacting
its not that bad
i can find a way out
i can ask other people

and yes
i HAVE to concentrate on things that MAKE ME HAPPY
so yup, enough with the intermezzo
gotta go back to what I'm doing before

well, you see starting things is easy, the hard thing is focusing and maintaining your motivation
soooooo *drumroll*
pft i dont know what to say haha
the point is, i am willing to fix myself this year
like they say,
if anna hath a will, anna hathaway *wink*

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