Sunday, January 20, 2013

well hello fellow readers!
soooo currently having an uber long holiday! and yup, got some stories to be told woot woot
and now, reckon ill just give you with a summary of stuff ive been doing this past few weeks

1. went to sawarna! got a bunch of amazing photos
2. new years eve + new year: got sick boohoo
3. konsol (Gods know what does this stands for) with ranah imaji
4. cooking and baking, with a great help from my greatest friends
5. kumpul tuyul! gosh at last we meet again :)
6. sleepover at my grandparents house - gossiping with my cousins - make chaos - sleep late
7. smanti expo! got my buttons exchange
8. going out with mamah bebeh
9. mamah gave me this work to do and she paid me for it! haha feelin so cool
10. still reading 1Q84 and currently on page 400-ish
11. got new dvds!
12. starting to write journal (and trying to be consistently writing it)
13. family gathering at purwakarta
14. went to book fair! found such great books with an affordable price
and last but not least
15. went out with ricky! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaay so very happy! thank you :D and yes, we finally take photos together haha

anyways, 2013 didnt start off well in Indonesia - especially jakarta
lets pray so that the flood didnt get any worse
and gets better as soon as possible
lets give them some help :)

it may seemed like my holiday is going really well
but in fact its not
well, lets just focus on the happy things, wont we? :) :)
oh and got 3 weeks of holiday left
going to yogyakarta this february
hmmm what should i do for the rest of the days?
crafting? journal writing? cooking? or possibly exercising? :p

p.s. pardon my picture above, i fancy going crazy on photo booth
tee hee!